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topi akter
Jun 12, 2022
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When you become the executor of a community, when you category email list have dozens or even hundreds of groups in your hands, as the leader, how do you make so many groups operate at the same time? How can we do it without losing sight of the other? Let me throw two questions to you: How many groups have you run at the same time? When you operate more than 10 or even dozens category email list of groups, what will you do? 01 For friends who are in the community, if you have been doing it for more than a year, As the number of users of category email list company's products grows, you will inevitably encounter the problems we just mentioned above. When you encounter this, you are How to solve it? Personally, if you transition from operating a few groups to operating dozens or even hundreds of groups at the same time, this may also be a change in your position and ability. When operating a single group, most people category email list may still be community executors. They only need to do some basic category email list operations in the community every day without thinking too much, because there are only so many people in the same ecological group. ; But when you operate multiple groups at the same time, then you have to consider a problem, that is your time and energy and the overall operation idea . Make an assumption: when you are running 50 groups at the category email list same time, the company needs to send announcements.
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