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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 12, 2022
In Fashion Forum
The publishers enter the playing field Whatsapp Mobile Number List The basis of successful campaigns always lies in knowledge & data. How well do you know your user and how well can you tailor your message to it? Publishers such as De Persgroep (van or Vogue have been using user data with advertisers via Whatsapp Mobile Number List platforms owned by third parties for years. The latest developments in the field of privacy and cookies provide the unique development that publishers will increasingly offer this data independently. 1. The Battle of the Giants Google has been on top of the monkey rock for years. Many advertisers have become Whatsapp Mobile Number List familiar with products such as Discovery Ads, Smart Display, TrueView for Action or Performance Max. However, there also seem to be some cracks in Google's Whatsapp Mobile Number List strong image. Colleagues comment on the quality and reliability of these products. Both publishers and advertisers have shared signals that have shaken up the market. Two developments stand out: Bing Advertising Introduces Display With Bing Advertising, Microsoft has a major interest in acquiring a share in its own auction system. In this way, they can combine the data acquired from users' browsers, email products and into an AI model and serve ads. That they are making considerable Whatsapp Mobile Number List progress is apparent from the acquisition of Xandr (formerly Appnexus, a provider of advertising space through an auction, or an SSP). And from the acquisition of Nuance, a leading AI company. Bing advertising It's no coincidence that the Whatsapp Mobile Number List Bing Ads platform now also offers similar display campaigns to Google Ads. The market share is still many times smaller than Google, but that seems to be the only difference and will remain for the short term. This development does mean that in addition to Google Ads, you should also start using Bing Ads for a strong performance proposition. Fortunately, the setup is practical to copy and paste.