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Apr 19, 2022
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Google has successfully launched a solution with an implementation scheme that will show your branded URLs in search results from your page's Google AMP cache. If your business depends on Google AMP search results, you can check out the following guide to implement the Web Package with the Norway Phone Number List new signed exchanges. This involves either a provider making it easy for you, or changing your TLS cryptography accordingly. Be aware that Google's ad is somewhat misleading: "Instant loading of AMP pages from your own domain." The instant-loading AMP pages in this context are certainly not from your own domain, but from Google, of course. The new feature allows you to cryptographically sign a web package so that recent mobile versions of Google's Chrome browser essentially trick users into swapping Google's true location for your domain name. Everyone wins, right? However, other browser manufacturers are wary of this development, not without reason. Google has a “Privacy Shield” policy that extends to “Instant Loading” AMP when they Norway Phone Number List pre-show your AMP in search results. They “delay” network events to your origin server. They will serve stuff from Google's cache and you won't get any signal that your page has rendered anywhere until the first click can fetch some page resources from your server. We believe this is an unfortunate but necessary concession to being able to do business in an age of Google search dominance. The inconvenient Through the use of signed exchanges, Google can mislead Chrome users into thinking they are on your website with that click in search results, when in fact they are not. . A second click is required before browsers execute the Norway Phone Number List necessary HTTP verb “GET” to load a page from your origin server, and only then will you see a log of hits in your own server logs. We are confident that Google will cache your ranking impressions and cached clicks in Google Search Console.