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Shahadot Islam
Jun 19, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Next year - are the speed of websites in the context of different loading brazil phone number list times which I call plt (page load time) .Time to first byte (ttfb) is the server response time between sending the request and sending the first byte of information. It shows how a website works from a server perspective (database connection, information processing and data caching system, and dns server performance). How brazil phone number list do you check ttfb? The easiest way is to use one of the following tools: developer tools in chrome BrowserWebPageTestChecking bytes interpret the results The ttfb time of less than 100ms is an impressive result. In google's recommendations, the tab brazil phone number list time should not exceed 200 ms. It is commonly accepted that the calculated acceptable server response time to receive the first byte should not exceed 0.5 s. Above this value, there may be problems on a server so fixing them will improve a website's indexing. Improve ttfb1. Analyze the website by improving either the code fragments responsible for resource-consuming database brazil phone number list queries (e.G., multi-level joins) or the cpu-heavy code load (e.G., by generating at the fly complex tree data structures, such as category Structure or prepare thumbnail images before displaying the view without brazil phone number list using caching mechanisms).2. Use a content delivery network (cdn). It is the use of networks of servers scattered around the world that deliver content such as css files, js files and photos from servers located closest to the person who wants to view a given website. . Thanks to the cdn, the resources are not queued, as in the case of classic servers, and are downloaded almost in parallel. Implementing cdn reduces ttfb time by up to 50%.3. If you are using brazil phone number list shared hosting, consider migrating to a vps server with guaranteed resources such as memory or cpu power, or a dedicated server. This ensures that only you can influence
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