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shopon hossain
Apr 07, 2022
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With revenge. They felt entitled to repress and express their strength – not always to defend themselves. This event is perhaps the most serious of those that occurred on July 11. A dangerous limit that should not have Whatsapp Mobile Number List been crossed, but it needed someone to establish it and it didn't happen. No one remembered that the main police task is to protect the people. This also puts other issues on the table, such as the purchase of military weapons, defense spending, the protocols of the police forces and their actions in the face of social events; issues that should be part of the public agenda. As a result of the protests, only one person officially died: Diubis Laurencio Tejeda, 36 years old. In the note from the Ministry of the Interior, reference was made to his criminal record, as if that justified his death. But the violence did not only occur in the streets, it continued during the detentions in the police stations: Whatsapp Mobile Number List mistreatment, abuse of power, food restriction and absence of constitutional rights have been part of the testimonies in subsequent days.6. In fact, selective Whatsapp Mobile Number List than massive repression, has been the State Security strategy for decades. So far, there has been no official statement proposing or acknowledging any public review of law enforcement for their actions during the protests. The main source of information that we have today about the events is the result of citizen reports. Videos and photos that the participants themselves shared on social networks nurture the account of the events. With all certainty, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List opening of Internet access in Cuba enabled other possibilities for the expansion of the protests. Before December 2018, when the mobile data service was opened, and without the citizen articulation experiences that have occurred since then, it is likely that the protests would not have occurred, at least not as they did.