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Apr 03, 2022
In Fashion Forum
The rise of the podcast around the Consumer Email List world is undeniable. In Europe it already reaches 30% of the internet Consumer Email List population, while in Spain that percentage rises to 51% . But this field is running into obstacles such as the difficulty in measuring its impact or finding a monetization route that Consumer Email List makes it profitable. To tackle this problem, Spotify has launched Megaphone in Spain. This podcast platform provides Consumer Email List podcasters with a set of tools to create quality content and contribute to their Consumer Email List profitability. Since 2015, it is one of the main spaces for podcast publishers worldwide and currently has more than 30% of the 200 most popular podcasts on Spotify. In Consumer Email List addition to Spain, this piece for creators lands in other European markets such as Germany, France and Italy. His arrival coincides with the increase in Consumer Email List podcast consumption and the forecast increase in advertising Consumer Email List investment in this type of content. In this sense, it is expected that the budget Consumer Email List for the format will grow by more than 50% in Europe and exceed 200 million euros in 2023. Megaphone seeks to make the podcast format profitable and consolidate it.