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Shopon Hossin
Apr 05, 2022
In Fashion Forum
And not only that, a community and equitable distribution of care should also be articulated, based on values ​​of fraternity and the feminist turn. The centrality of care leads to the need for universal and quality social services, of a preventive, promotional and community nature. Turn towards the urban agenda, to ensure the Whatsapp Mobile Number List right to the city. The socio-economic dynamics of the change of time present intense urban traceability. Digitization consolidates the network of global metropolises and, in them, the appearance of highly precarious urban platform jobs. Speculative logic is linked to real estate and turns homes and urban spaces into financial assets. On the other hand, the risks of housing exclusion, the neighborhood impacts of gentrification, residential segregation or urban informality are today at the center of new social vulnerabilities. Housing and urban regeneration policies Whatsapp Mobile Number List present complex agendas. Guarantee affordable and Whatsapp Mobile Number List, and do so within the framework of cohesive neighborhoods and cities, with a social and functional mix, it requires diverse instruments of action and processes sustained over time. The right to housing and the right to a neighborhood/municipality are linked. The Keynesian Welfare State was inscribed in a double institutional coordinate: (a) a model of representative democracy, with limited processes of citizen participation in the elaboration of policies, which forged a scheme of electoral Whatsapp Mobile Number List aggregation of preferences, with a strong delegative bias towards a professionalized political sphere that makes decisions outside of citizen involvement; (b) a socio-bureaucratic scheme of public management that inherits the Weberian organizational dogmas