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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 12, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Editor's Guide: In an interview, if you are asked "As a product manager, there is an ambiguity between you and the business demand side, what category email list should you do?" How would you answer this question? The author of this article gives some suggestions of his own, I hope it will help you. Immediately entering the "Gold Three Silver Four" period, I know category email list that many product students are looking for new opportunities. The last article has shared several common interview questions. These interview questions are original by Jingjing and extracted from previous work experience and interview experience. I am especially gratified that two classmates sent private messages. A classmate was asked the same interview question in an interview: How to cold start a new product? Because this classmate read my article, prepared specially, and made personalized supplements based on his own work content and project experience. Therefore, he seemed very calm and confident when answering this category email list question, and he could also feel the interviewer. recognition, and thus more confident. Sometimes confidence stacks up and has a multiplicative effect. Another classmate sent a private letter to hope that during the period of "Golden Three Silver Four", they can do category email list more sharing about career selection and interview, preferably with a systematic output. Since everyone has needs, Jing Jing is also obliged to output category email list some relevant knowledge as much as possible. In addition, I have also prepared a systematic guidance service on career selection and interviews for students in need to choose. 1. If there is an category email list ambiguity with the business demand side, how will you deal with it? This is a question that a product classmate was asked in an interview yesterday. He asked me about his experience. Classmate Jing thinks this question is very good. It not only includes stress testing, but also examines your product design process, specifications, and collaborative communication. ability. Knowledge points.
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