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Reyad Hossin
Apr 12, 2022
In Fashion Forum
We live in very strange times for everyone, and marketing could not be an exception. The coronavirus has completely changed our priorities and our plans for the coming months. And in these difficult circumstances, many brands have pitched in to help, raise awareness or simply make quarantine more bearable with their crisis marketing . We leave you 20 of our favorite examples of these days. Do you want to know how to adapt your digital marketing in times of crisis or complex? Click here and see the related course. 20-examples-of-coronavirus-crisis-marketing Crisis marketing: 20 examples of campaigns for the coronavirus Let's get to know these wonderful examples of solidarity marketing in individual email list times of crisis. Because many of these initiatives only have the purpose of having fun, entertaining and making people aware of what is happening. 1) De Time Out a Time in Time Out magazine has temporarily changed its name to Time In and now, instead of talking about cultural events, it offers content such as the best applications to play online with friends, the new supermarket schedules or free movie recommendations online. time in 2) A free course every day to learn at home The Crehana online learning platform makes free courses available to users every day, so that they can take advantage of the quarantine to train. Among the contents we can find topics such as copywriting, photography direction and much more.