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Raihan Ali
Apr 07, 2022
In Fashion Forum
This post was contributed by joanna may of email list interact. If you're interested in email marketing, you've probably heard about segmenting your email list. But just because you've heard it doesn't mean you're actually doing it. You may be wondering how to start segmentation and how to determine the segment. Or you might ask, "Is it difficult?" fortunately, with active campaign and interact quiz builder, you can easily start segmenting your mailing lists. What is interact quiz builder? If you are new to interact, this is a platform where you can create quizzes that you can take online. Do you know buzzfeed style quizzes that are always shared on social media? Yeah, you can make them with interact. But interact's true psychic power is that you can use these quizzes as lead magnets to add people to your email list and segment them. All at the same time. Bloggers, course creators, influencers, and email list companies of all kinds are very successful in getting people to subscribe. When you create a quiz in interact, group the quiz test takers based on the results of the quiz. These results are based on the general answers selected throughout the quiz. You can ask about their interests, their behavior, their characteristics, or anything else you can imagine. Do you know how the results can help you segment your audience? The interact platform scores quizzes and email list shares the results with quiz test takers. It also automatically sends segmented subscribers to the active campaign. Now you can set up automation to send the appropriate email to each segment of the list. This post shares exactly how to do that! Lead generation quiz tips from professionals I wanted to give you the best tips from people who know what they are doing, so I contacted some serious interact and active campaign users who are doing a great job in their segmentation I took. One of the professionals I talked to was