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Prodip Chakraborty
Apr 05, 2022
In Fashion Forum
The next step in monetizing your mailing list is to schedule your email broadcasts. In order to organize and manage your email mailing list marketing better, consider creating a schedule not only for your autoresponder sequence but also your broadcasts. Your open rates will increase as subscribers look forward to your emails if you are consistent. For your first campaign create 6-10 emails initially, and add more as time passes. Remember that current subscribers won't receive the newly added emails, so you'll have to send those subscribers broadcast emails. The first email should go out automatically after a new subscriber confirms mailing list joining your list, with follow-up emails every 2-3 days. Always keep notes on your email content ideas. Also, if you outsource content from freelancers make sure to proofread and add your style to the material. Balance the amount of promotional emails with the informational emails being sent out in order to keep your subscribers interested. The more value you offer, the more responsive your subscribers will be. As with mailing list your squeeze pages, split test your subject lines. Monitor your email open rates and your overall response rates in order to determine which emails are most effective.